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Empathy + Intuition 101: Foundations & Skills

When I first began using my intuitive gifts to help others, the Universe quickly brought new Empaths and Intuitives to my door.  Helping these individuals harness and develop their power has been the most fulfilling part of the journey for me.  After years of working in this field and diving into the many spiritual, mystic, and even scientific realms to UNDERSTAND what Intuition and Empathy is, I am proud to offer this Foundations & Skills Workshop. 


The pandemic and quarantine allowed our intuitive ears to grow more sensitive - and more attuned to our own energies (for once).  This has resulted in Intuitive and Empathic awakenings on a global scale, and if we are going to integrate effectively into the World - as we are meant to - we must embrace and master these gifts...before they master us. 

This workshop is designed to give you greater understanding of your gifts, the lay of the land as you explore and develop them, and powerful tools for your journey.  

If you've ever said the phrase "I take on people's stuff" or "I want to learn more about my intuition"...this is the workshop for you.  

What this workshop covers...

  • Anatomy for Intuitives + Empaths (Chakras and Channels)

  • Vibrational Theory as it pertains to your gifts

  • Empathic Linking and Transmutation

  • Strengthening Empathic Boundaries

  • Developing Intuition/Opening the Third Eye

  • Tools for Developing your Sight (Astrology, Tarot, Numerology basics)

  • Basic Clearing and Channeling

  • Harnessing and expanding your own unique abilities

  • Participants receive a "Survival Kit" of meditations and exercises to continue their learning independently and safely. 


Who is this workshop for?

Seers & Visionaries:

Intuitives, Readers, Receivers, Channelers, Dreamwalkers, Innovators and Inventors.


Energyworkers, Shamans, Bodyworkers, Hair Stylists, Therapists/Counselors, and other Medical Professionals.


Storytellers, Studio Artists, Performers, Writers - Those who channel powerful emotional energy and ideas through themselves to others.


All those who hold space for individuals and groups to convey knowledge and understanding - a process that involves deep empathic and intuitive connections.


Individuals who are at the helm of major projects and missions, who are responsible for the energy of many.  Weaving Instinct with Insight to navigate, while mastering the empathic implications of leading.

Upcoming Workshop Dates:

Workshop Dates for May and June will be announced in early May.  Subscribe to my Newsletter to stay up to date!

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