Tarot Readings

60 min            $75

Readings are conducted over Zoom.  Clients receive an audio recording of their reading.   

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     First-timers occasionally fear what a Tarot reading might tell them.  However, whenever the cards speak of conflict, they also offer a solution.  


Tarot cards are a tool for reading vibration.  Combining intention with symbology, I use the cards to bring clarity to your present reality, and understand potentials in the near future.


Whether they arrive feeling generally "out of balance" or have a specific issue in mind, my clients leave a reading with profound clarity and deep self-understanding.     


Birth Chart Reading


         A Birth Chart Reading is an opportunity to gain powerful levels of self-understanding.  When I read your Astrological Birth Chart I see the primal balances of your energies.  We discuss your masculine and feminine sides, how they can work with each other in harmony, and how your energy is felt by others.  We talk about your "superpowers", and your challenges and goals within this lifetime.  

It amazes me every time how transformational this service can be.  Discover your power, and where to put it. 

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Birth Chart readings are typically conducted via Zoom.

Clients receive an audio recording of their readings.  

Birth Chart Reading + Tarot Reading Bundle      

$135 (1 session - 90 min)   


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75 min    $120

A Metaphysical is a shamanic healing session that combines all the practices within my arsenal.

We begin with a conversation, and maybe pull a few tarot cards.  At the heart of a Metaphysical is Restorative Yoga - a practice of effortless poses designed to fully relax the mind and body.  Further incorporating meditation, hands-on assists, and Reiki; we move blocked energy resulting in mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual release.

If you are in the NYC area or cities on my upcoming travel itineraries, contact Michael to see if a Metaphysical is right for you.