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As a Reader, I believe the future is in flux.  

Instead of predicting the future, I focus on the potentials at play.  This leads to a discussion of insight and advice. 

My goal is to offer you the perspectives needed to steer your life in the direction you desire.  


Held on Zoom. 

Clients receive a session recording.


To get your recorded reading, simply click the link below and select the next available delivery date. 

If you are gifting this reading, you may choose to select a particular day (for example, someone's birthday), and be sure to select the "GIFT" option.


For insight and clarity regarding specific issues or area of your life. 


While some Astrologers talk about 'Soul Contracts' and 'Karmic Debt', my readings are about 'Soul Curriculum', and 'Lessons to be Learned'.  

Your Birth Chart is a map of your energy, an opportunity to understand how you process the world around you, and how the world processes you. 


If you are looking for both a map and compass, this is the reading for you.  Combine a Birth Chart reading with a Tarot reading and you've got a powerful tool in your tool belt. 

Is this reading a gift?

Be sure to select the "GIFT" service of your choice.  

When you are prompted to select a date and time,

choose the next available time.  

You will then be prompted to enter the relevant information (including special delivery instructions).

Your recipient will receive an email with a unique booking link, allowing them to schedule the reading at a time convenient for them.

"I decided to treat myself for my birthday and have a birth chart reading with Michael.  Having never had this done before I wasn't sure what to expect, but hoped to gain some insight and maybe even a little clarity in my life. 


Well, I gained insight and clarity like I had hoped for, and so much more!  Michael didn't just read my birth chart, but dissected it and showed me everything from every angle. As he did this, he used his intuition to make it all very personal and meaningful.  Michael's warmth made me feel like I was talking to a long-time friend as he guided me through the session. He connected with me as an individual and was able to put into words a lot of the things I have felt about my life over the years, but could never describe outloud.  I highly recommend Michael, his knowledge and intuition is like no other."

 -Rick S. 

"Michael has done two readings for me in the past month. One was for just me, which really provided a lot of clarity for myself and my career. The other session was with my husband as a couple focusing on our marriage. We both felt like we got a lot from the reading and would highly recommend Michael to anybody! Michael is the real deal."

                                                                             - Andrea M.

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