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This unique offering combines

restorative yoga, meditation, essential oils, energy healing (including reiki),

and deep conversation

to bring your body, mind, heart and spirit

into a state of deep relaxation,

inviting release, restoration, and rebalancing. 


In the words of one client: “I feel like I just got 15 massages.”  


In-Person: $125 (75min)
Online: $95 (60min)

To find out if a Metaphysical is right for you,


or to schedule a session in person 

(AZ region only) 


Contact Me!

Please Note:


My sessions are intended to be one part of a holistic approach to wellness.  In no way are they intended to be used as an alternative to medical treatment.  Please seek a medical professional for persisting or serious health concerns. 

If you aren’t the Southwest region,

or are covid-conscious,

a Metaphysical can be conducted via Zoom.  Combining discussion with deep meditation, clients are able to experience powerful shifts that are just as effective as working in person.     

clients receive a recording of their online session

Contact Me

to schedule yours today!

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