My Patreon page is an opportunity to enroll in my class - a class meant to show you your power, and aimed at teaching you to focus your physical, mental, and emotional energy toward your goals and desires.  


Whether you join me for a weekly yoga and meditation class at the "Weekly" tier, or you delve further with the "Lunarly" tier, your understanding of life and its potential won't ever be the same.

Using Zoom classes, livestreams, videos, and journaling workshops,  - I'll teach you about vibration, intention, and manifestation.  My clients and students find deep healing and become powerful creators while working with me.   Discover what they've learned for yourself.  


Join, the conversation.  


We are going within, together. 

(Patreon is a monthly subscription-based platform for creators like me to effectively bring our products to consumers everywhere.  All Zoom classes are saved for patron access. )