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Aries, while you have so much power in your corner right now; you also have a lot of responsibility. When you look at the people around you, you may teeter between the weight of commitment and the joy of connection. Release the heaviness by realizing it isn't your job to be everything for everyone. Overextending via overcommitting isn't good for the complexion, Aries.

Spring Equinox 2023

Taurus, this Equinox greets you at a time when your hands are too full for pleasantries. You might feel overwhelmed, but the work you are doing now is actually MONUMENTAL to the bigger picture. You just can't tell because your nose is to the grindstone - which is exactly where it is supposed to be. Hustle now, be selfish next month. Rest is could call it "rest".


Gemini, you are starting to find some serious harmony in your life. The balance between what you want from the World and what you want to give to the World is striking a chord you could get used to. The best part about it - however - is its imperfection. Because without room to grow, you'd be bored already. So let the flaws feel good for a while Gem. They fuel you.


Cancer, Spring heralds a time of softening for you. While the terrain might not get any less treacherous, you are managing the road with more relaxation. Since you're such a good sport, there are some major shifts coming this month that are sure to reset your path. Be ready to recalibrate your life's GPS real soon, because good things are coming your way.

Leo, with the Sun, Moon and Mercury in fellow fire-sign Aries, you are inspired to look beyond the nearest horizons. Your need to explore is unsatisfiable because you're really hungry for new territory within. It's time to explore and dabble in anything and everything new, and find out what you fall in love with. Life is a buffet, I bet you can't try it all in one fact, I double dog dare you to.


Virgo, you have been sorting yourself OUT and now you are ready to sort out some ORDER! Trust that you are balanced in your approach. Rarely do you make major cuts in your life, but this New Moon in Aries requires some tinder to get this fire started. The only thing that has to be sacrificed is the part of you that holds back and limits yourself. Get messy!

(lol I know you just made a face.)

Libra, all this planetary energy in your opposite sign leaves a glare on the mirror of your relationships and immediate reality. You need to stop squinting to try to see. Take a moment to see that it's all light. Yes there are challenges and obstacles, and sure, maybe you aren't absolutely everyone's cup of tea...but some people like some gross shit so thank your lucky stars Libra. The time is to take heart-guided action, without being able to judge how others feel about it - and back off accordingly. I know you feel snuffed out, but that's because you aren't a are a rainstorm. And I hear thunder.


Scorpio, while most signs are breaking out of their winter's den and taking the are tending to you and yours. When the world around us turns inward, as it has for the last few months, you are usually playing 'therapist' to those nearest. So now it's time to look after yourself. Build habits that support you, and guard them like they are gold...because they are. It's time to tend to you boo.


Sagittarius, you've been retreating within yourself this winter season, and with the fresh dawn of Spring, you are ready to put what you learned into play. Self-discovery lights your way into the warmer months. Spring will be about igniting new passions, and sharing them with others. Just make sure the heat of your excitement is tolerable for everyone at the table.


Capricorn, there is no magical manifesting to be done here. It's about rolling up your sleeves and moulding it all into place. You must create the road to your peace. Brick by brick. Gain energy from knowing that every stone on that road is a world of peace for someone else.'s called BEING A LEADER, and heavy is the crown my liege.

Aquarius, you are so fearful of sharing your greatest weapons. Probably because if they don't stand up in battle you'll feel like you have nothing and are worth nothing. But stop and look at what you do when you work with the most mediocre of your magic. So maybe it's time to invest in the most powerful parts of yourself. I know they defy the laws of time and space as we "know" it, but what do these foolish mortals really "know" anyway?


Pisces, this Aries pile up in the Income sector of your chart means new downloads and inspirations will come your way regarding work. While your insight might seem unorthodox, perhaps that is the refreshing take everyone is looking for. You are usually go with the flow, but right now, that means you're the only one who really feels where things are headed. Trust that soon your voice will take an important seat at the table.

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