A Restorative Trance Rave is the medicine of movement brought through the magic of a good old fashioned dance party.  It is a guided meditation that will make you laugh, sweat and cry out old energy while taking in the new.  
We come together for major planetary events; it helps iron out your cosmic energies.  Don't miss out on the next one!

Try out my yoga class!

Weekly classes start at just $10/month!

At the heart of my work is the belief that the body and mind are spiritual tools.  Working with them through yoga and meditation helps you move through emotions, and expand your perception. 


The relationship between you, your body and your mind requires conscious building.  Instead of breaking the horse, I will teach you to whisper with it. 


Flow with me and you will learn to excavate profound wisdom from within yourself.  Whether you join me for a weekly yoga and meditation class at the "Weekly" tier, or you delve further into your practice with the "Lunarly" tier, your understanding of life and its potential won't ever be the same.

All classes are recorded, so you'll have endless access to classes old and new!

Join, the conversation.  


We are going within, together. 

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