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Michael Rashad Clement, C. Hyp

Certified Hypnotherapist - Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Practitioner

RYT-200hr, 100hr Restorative Trance Yoga

BFA in Dance (focus in pedagogy and injury prevention) University of Arizona 

       By day, I am a middle school teacher.  I teach English, History, and Health to 11-14 year olds.  But by nights and weekends, I am a Mental Health Professional and Intuitive.  I specialize in using the Mind and Body connection for Trauma Healing and Self-Empowerment. 


       My journey as a Wellness Professional began by working with the body.  As a personal trainer and fitness instructor, I specialized in modifications, and by-passing barriers to exercise.  What started as a passion for physical well-being quickly focused upon the mind.  It is our mind that makes the body, and our body that makes the mind. The more I observed and understood that, the more my clients benefitted.  

       When I began teaching yoga and meditation, I found a wealth of tools to unlock and unravel my clients' deeper issues.  Together we journeyed beyond the yoga mat, and uncovered the parts of themselves and their lives that were out of sorts.  Through this work I witnessed miracles, and learned to be the space-holder for powerful transformations. Now, as a Hypnotherapist, I am able to take my clients deep within themselves, to find profound healing and lasting change.  I am both honored and humbled by this process every time. 

       As an Intuitive, I have been harnessing my gifts since childhood.  I implement these gifts into my offerings with strong boundaries and clear intent.  With 10 years of professional readings under my belt, I have conducted readings for celebrities and CEOs, and held readings ranging from private parties to music festivals.  To learn more - and learn from me - be on the look out for my Intuitive + Empath 101 Workshop! 

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      -Michael Rashad Clement, C. Hyp.

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